Water Detection


Utilizing thermal drones to aid in water conservation is a cutting-edge and innovative approach to addressing environmental concerns. By utilizing advanced thermal imaging technology, these drones can accurately detect areas of water loss and identify potential leaks in irrigation systems, allowing for swift and effective repairs. This not only saves water but also reduces costs and improves overall sustainability. With the increasing focus on sustainable practices, Arizona Mapping & Inspections LLC. has the potential to make a significant impact in the field of water conservation.

Property management service’s that leverages thermal drones for water conservation is an innovative and practical solution for property owners and managers. By utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, we can quickly detect water leaks and identify areas of potential water loss, allowing for timely repairs and significant cost savings. This service not only helps property owners conserve water but also minimizes the risk of water damage to the property. With water conservation becoming increasingly important, this service has the potential to set a new standard in sustainable property management practices.

The use of photometry by a property management company is another game-changing approach to optimizing building performance and enhancing sustainability. By utilizing advanced photometric data analysis, Arizona Mapping & Inspections LLC. can detect energy inefficiencies, potential safety hazards, and identify areas for improvement. This approach not only ensures compliance with safety regulations, and standards but also enhances overall building performance and occupant comfort. With an increasing emphasis on safety, energy efficiency and sustainability in property management, this innovative approach has the potential to set a new standard for property management practices and make a significant impact in advancing sustainable practices in the built environment.

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  1. Thermal Image Scan Report can
    1. Improved Safety: Thermal imaging can help identify potential safety hazards such as uneven pathways, areas of excessive moisture, and potential slip and fall hazards.
    1. Improving Overall Property Maintenance: By identifying issues early and addressing them proactively, property managers can improve the overall maintenance of their properties and avoid costly repairs or replacements down the line. This can help ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the landscape.
    1. Reducing Energy Costs: Thermal imaging can be used to identify areas of a property that are losing heat, such as poorly insulated buildings or HVAC systems. This information can be used to make improvements that reduce energy costs and improve overall efficiency.
  2. 4k Orthomosaic Image
    1. Comprehensive Property Overview: An orthomosaic image provides a detailed, high-resolution aerial view of the property, allowing property managers to assess the overall condition of the property, identify areas of concern, and make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.
    1. Accurate Measurement and Mapping: Orthomosaic images can be used to accurately measure and map the property, including buildings, structures, and landscapes. This information can be useful for creating accurate site plans, calculating materials needed for repairs or construction, and tracking changes over time.
    1. Efficient Inspection and Monitoring: Drones can quickly and efficiently capture images of the property, allowing property managers to inspect and monitor the property more frequently and with less effort than traditional methods. This can help identify issues early and address them proactively, reducing the risk of damage or costly repairs.
    1. Improved Communication with Stakeholders: Orthomosaic images can be shared with stakeholders, such as property owners, contractors, and tenants, to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the property. This can improve communication and collaboration, facilitate decision-making, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  3. Multispectral Analytics
    1. Improved Planning and Decision-Making: Multispectral data can be used to create detailed maps and models of the property, providing property managers with a comprehensive view of the property and its surroundings. This information can be used to inform planning and decision-making, such as determining the best location for new buildings or infrastructure.
    1. Improved Planning and Decision-Making: Provides property managers with valuable insights into the health and condition of their properties, helping them to make informed decisions about resource management, environmental monitoring, and other activities that can promote sustainability and optimize property value.
  4. 3D Model
    1. Efficient Inspection and Monitoring: A 3D model image can be used to inspect and monitor the property more efficiently than traditional methods. Property managers can quickly and easily navigate through the 3D model to identify areas of concern, such as damage or wear and tear, and take appropriate action.
    1. Improved Planning and Design: A 3D model image can be used to create detailed plans and designs for new construction, renovations, and landscaping. Property managers can use this information to visualize and refine their plans, ensuring that the final result meets their needs and expectations.
  5. Irrigation map
    1. Cost Savings: By optimizing water usage and reducing waste by Know exactly where the valve is located if a major water leak is it can be turned off right away, property managers can save money on water bills and other related expenses, such as maintenance and repairs.
    1. Increased Property Value: A well-maintained landscape can increase the value of a property. By using an irrigation map to ensure that plants receive the right amount of water, property managers can maintain an attractive and healthy landscape that can improve the overall value of the property.
    1. Environmental Sustainability: By reducing water waste, property managers can promote environmental sustainability and reduce their property’s impact on the environment. This can also help to comply with regulations and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Aerial Analytics Services

Thermal Image Scan Report to Identify A.O.C (Area of Concerns)

  • Classify A.O.C
    • Report Includes Major 20 AOC
      • Additional fee per group of 10 AOC
  • Safety
    • Hazzard’s
      • Slip
      • fall
    • uneven pathways
  • Irrigation
    • Each Ground related AOC will have a value of how big the leak may be.
      • 1= Small leak lateral line
      • 10= A Main line needs to be fixed right away.
  • Building related
    • AC units Concerns.
    • Roof leaks

4k Orthomosaic Image

  • Creates a current stamp that can be used for insurance purpose.
  • Identifies what trees are touching the building.
  • Can get a image off all roofs conditions
    • Cracks
    • Debris
    • AC Unit Condition
  • Create Volumetric calculation.

3D Model of property

  • View the property that can be sent out to owners as if they were there.
    • Pre & Post Construction
    • Manage wear and tear.
    • Insurance Claims Purposes

Multispectral Analytics

  • Property Health
    • See what Plants/Trees are oversaturated or drought stress.
    • Identify what group of Plants/Trees have deficiencies or diseases.
    • Identify Plants/Trees that have dead limbs that need to be removed before they fall.
  • Grass Health
    • Identify sections of grass oversaturated or drought stress.
    • Identify sections of deficiencies or diseases

Ground analytics report services

Thermal Image Scan Report

  • Water related (each Location will be documented)
    • Picture
      • Aerial map location (GPS)
      • Close up
    • Type
      • Irrigation
      • Building
    • Location
      • Place a flag with a number to indicate the area of repair for tech.
    • Level of urgency

Multispectral Analysis Report

  • Work with a license arborist and provide them will all the information to create the solution to fix the issues we found.
    • Provide them with the report.
    • Inspect again after treatment to insure progress.

Create a Property Map Information Data set

  1. Visualization of Zones on property
    1. Create a map to Identify zones associated to timer.
    2. Controller Timer Location
      1. Location pinpointed on 2D map.
      2. GPS Location
    3. Valve Box Location & Mao
      1. Visual representation of property and location
      2. GPS Coordinates
    4. Irrigation valve Map
      1. Create a Visual representation of each zone associated to valve.
    5. Sprinkler Heads map
      1. If one is broken it can be requested to get repaired.

Use cases


  • Tree / Bush trimming
    • Helps with tree trimming schedules. 
      • Creates a better budget year by year.
      • ID tree limbs that can fall 
    • Help monitor Tree / Shrub Growth
      • Create a side-by-side year after year.
    • Help Monitor which Tree / Shrub are making contact to the building.
  • Areas of where adding a tree or Bushes is good.
  • What areas need Rock or Dirt.
    • Giving Customer the ability to have an exact calculation of how much Rock / Dirt the landscaper needs.
  • Example: During a property walk you see a area that looks low on rock. You can pull up the 3d model locate area you are wanting to enhance and call Landscaper to submit bit for 4 tons of 1/4 Granite to expedite the process for immediate action.
    • Judge the ability for fast the turnaround on the landscape company.
  • Grass condition
  • Locate low / high spots on property that can sometime be a tripping Hazzard.
    • Identify Sidewalk protrusion.


  • Exterior Conditions
    • Paint
    • Roof
    • A/C Units
  • Updates
  • Lighting
  • Signage

Parking Lot Management

  • Overall condition
    • Any cracking
    • Trash
  • Lighting
  • Parking spot Paint Condition
  • Parking Structure Condition
  • Curbing
    • Emergency Paint
    • Curbing conditions


  • Equipment
    • Shade structure
    • Ground material

Pool or water Features

  • Condition of Pool Deck
    • Condition of any structure
    • Condition of Furniture