Roofing Reports

Roofing reports produced by drone aerial inspection of roofs of any size provide the stakeholders with the means to plan maintenance, repairs, and replacement of sections or the entire roof.  This is just a small  sample of what we can do, so that you can bid for the project to the best levels of  accuracy and perfection!

The roof of any building, whether the premises is domestic or commercial, a home or a vast factory, is often the most neglected part of the building. It is a case of out of sight, out of mind. Damage to exterior or interior walls, ceilings, doors, and other visible parts of the building are noticeable immediately but roof damage is not obviouis until the consequences lead to more expensive problems such as water incursion.

Roofing Reports For Inspection & Prevention

Once water finds a way into a building the effects can be expensive or catastrophic if it contaminates electrical circuits and causes a fire. Damage to a roof can weaken its integrity such that wind can quickly increase the damage as it finds routes into the structure. Loss of insulation can increase costs as heating bills rise or air conditions is less than optimal.

This is why it’s essential that roofs are inxpected on a regular basis. Prevention is better – and less expensive – than the cure.

We can provide general roofing inspections and we love helping our fellow construction partners in particular. Please contact us for your roofing needs.

We can do a complete take-off of materials needed, A complete set of images for inspection, and a full report of everything needed to know about the said roof at every angle and pitch. The software is truly amazing and powerful! Giving you the contractor everything you need in hand… Let’s get the ball rolling, I am here to help you, and I am accurate, in fact, 100% accurate. Saving you a lot of time and money!

Roofing Reports - Thermal Imagery