Drone Photography Las Vegas

When it comes to drone photography Las Vegas is an area in which have operated to the satisfaction of several clients within the construction industry.  While some construction business owners are old-fashioned in their approach, there are many who are now making the most of the modern technologies that are available to them. One such technology is drone photography, and project managers, site superintendents, and construction workers alike are now discovering the benefits that a drone can offer.

So, what about you? Have you utilized drone photography within your construction business yet, or are you still in dark about what a professional drone and pilot can do for your firm? Well, if you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should get to grips with this new technology. 

Drone Photography Las Vegas Construction

The benefits are many, but here just a few reasons why you should use drone photography to take your construction business to new heights!

More accurate mapping measurements

When collecting and processing data, traditional mapping methods can be both time and labor-intensive. But with the use of a drone, however, the job can be done far more efficiently, at a quicker rate, and with fewer boots on the ground. With high res photo and advanced video capture, we can ensure accuracy with true to life photogrammetry, to give you centimeter accuracy on all of your construction sites. This is also helpful on those pieces of land that could be dangerous to explore on foot or that are difficult to navigate when mapping. 

Greater accuracy for your inspection reports

Through the use of a drone, you will be able to create accurate 3D models from the footage recorded, with the ability to inspect thousands of photos from the recordings made. These can be used to enhance your inspection reports, with the peace of mind that the mapping you have produced is correct and true. You can then use your reports to communicate important information to all of the parties involved with your construction project. 

Reduced safety risks

Safety is paramount within the field of construction, and thanks to drone photography, this is one area that you will have less need to worry about. No longer will there be the need to send a man climbing 100 feet or more to capture the footage you need for your aerial inspection. A drone can do this in his place, with lossless zoom capabilities to capture all of the data that you need. With the use of drone photography, you will also be able to prevent accidents, as the drone can scout out unstable structures, shallow excavations, and any other potential hazards that could pose a risk to life and limb. 

Superior And Less Expensive Construction Marketing

Picture sell, and if you want to add aerial photos to your brochures, website, and social media accounts, you will be able to showcase progress photos of your ongoing projects. This is a great way to attract new clients, as they will be able to see first-hand dramatic images of the work you have carried out for others. The alternative for progress photos is aerial shots taken from helicopters or planes, so as you will understand, drone hire will be far less expensive for you. You can also use aerial photos to demonstrate how you might carry out a project when pitching to clients in need of a constriction business. 

A better way to report your progress

When reporting progress to clients, it can be difficult to showcase all you need to say visually. Not so with drone photography, as you can report your progress weekly or monthly if you hire our services on a regular basis. The images captured will contain all of the information that you need to report, and they will better serve the needs of your client. 

Summary Of Services

If you have any other special requests, such as a 3D model only or something else besides, please call. The possibilities of what a drone can do within the construction industry is endless, so if you are looking for drone photography in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact us.