Construction Photography Las vegas

When it comes to construction photography Las Vegas is an area in which I have supplied several companies with drone services.  Here is a summary of the advantages such services provide.

I can provide you with a permanent digital record of progress on the site, including the actions of subcontractors. I can also supply you with Progress Reports from a birds-eye view that will clearly show the day by day progress of your project from start to finish. These will become the main topic in owners’ meetings and sub meetings, and they will also become greatly reassuring and impressive for your investors and stakeholders, showing where you are and where you need to be.  My construction photography and drone video services can show safety issues that you cannot see from ground level.

Construction Projects

My services include software digitized reporting on work done, work quality, and dates, all of which you can use to manage your projects.  If you need to see the site from the perspective of waypoints, I can set a map to fly the same path, stop, and take photos every time at the same spot. I can shoot video footage at 4K and 6K (if needed). Submit a record of work completed to receive payment. The possibilities are truly endless.  There is no argument in these issues as it is laid out for you plain as the day itself.  Truly amazing what we can do today!  No need to drive 4 hours anymore to see site progression.

I encourage you to see the Aerial Mapping page as it takes this plus Mapping combined to an intricate level!

Whatever your aerial photography or construction needs I’m certain that my services include those that you require, and may also include some that you haven’t thought of but once you’re familiar with the potential you too will want to take advantage of them.  It all starts with a conversation so contact me today and let’s talk about how my construction photography can put your project on the map.

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