Aerial Inspection / Thermal

Aerial inspection using drones is one of the easiest and most obvious ways of using UAVs to save cost and reduce risk. Drones can be used for aerial inspection of buildings, homes and building infrastructure, cell towers, bridges, utility pipelines, solar parks, wind turbines, Cooling Towers, Roofing of any building, and many more.

 Using our innovative process combining remote thermal and IR imaging with ultra-HD inspections and 3D models, we are able to locate everything from minor mechanical failures, structural cracks, worn bearings, missing hardware, and much more. By having professional pilots and experienced technicians complete the flights we are able to create an initial list of failure points while on-site, then finish processing all data off-site. Clients receive a full report of imaging data and proof of failure points without sending a technician or contractor into harm’s way.

With drone aerial inspection there is no need to send a man climbing 100+ feet into the air, risking life and limb. When you can send a drone up with lossless zoom capabilities to capture any and all data needed for inspection of work done, work quality, and or proof of contract. Save time and money with a digital record of work done or repairs that are needed, to insurance reports and records for claims made.

Aerial Inspection Reduces Risk

As well as reducing risks to engineers and inspectors who would otherwise have to climb these structures or use expensive hydraulic platforms or scaffolding to reach the desired heights, the use of drones for aerial inspection reduces the insurance costs, the time to reach and view the entire structure, and the carbon footprint of operating additional machinery to reach all areas.

Drone aerial inspection is the way forward and I am pleased to offer you this service.  You can be assured that the video and images captured during an inspection will enable you and your team to analyze all areas and to plan accurately for any works that may be required, whether it is for additional structures and fittings or repairs and maintenance.

We can also construct a 3D model of the structure and do an inspection data acquisition with software made for this very purpose, produce a report, and share it with all parties involved.

This is the new age of doing inspections, and I am very excited to bring it to all who can benefit from it.

Thermal Imaging 640 x 512 FLIR Radiometric Data, everything from solar, energy, roofing, HVAC, and more…  Show your client that the construction of your site is insulated correctly with 100 percent proof you not losing unnecessary heat or cooling…  Show with radiometric data the RTUs and HVAC equipment is up to par or need addressing!

Solar panel Inspections with RGB camera and 640 x 512 Thermal camera, Commercial and Residential should be done at least yearly and prior before your warranty is up! With one of the highest resolution radiometric thermal cameras on the market, we can detect hot spots, cold spots, dead cells, broken cells, electrical issues, and more. With the RGB camera do a visual inspection across the board.  Protect your investment by making sure your system is without fault or defect. With a permanent digital record to back it up!