2D Mapping & 3D Models

2D Mapping & 3D Models

2D mapping and 3D models (photogrammetry) have become essential requirements in the construction industry.  We provide mapping with RTK GNSS Receivers,  Tieing in GCPs  (Ground Control Points X, Y, and Z). We use 3 methods; Ntrip, Base Station, and Rover to ensure accuracy.  With true-to-life photogrammetry, to give you centimeter accuracy on all of our maps is truly amazing!

The ability to measure anything on-site from your PC.  Measure Distance, Elevation, Slope, Volume, and Stockpile Calculations, and Pull a Point on your site (LAT, LONG, ELEVATION) anywhere onsite within aCentimeter of Precision. Pulling your own points! Apply annotations to your map with a report. Find mistakes before they turn into major costly mistakes! Create the best AS-BUILTs in the Industry.

A digital real-time as-built,  the ability to go back in time and measure where every pipe, conduit, water main, sewer, underground and above. A permanent digital record of everything and every trade on site!

The ability to overlay Contract Drawings to Real-World Site conditions with absolute accuracy. It doesn’t stop here… Construct a 3D model of your project, and see all there is to see from the confront of your PC anywhere in the world. Do an inspection report from the models created, and pull up thousands of photos to be able to zoom in on the target of interest. Write a report if something is wrong and send it to all parties involved. A full map report is generated for Accuracy to GCPs, GSD, and much more.

We use an RTK drone receiving corrections from an RTK Base Station connected to NTRIP giving you peace of mind that the mapping is Correct and True!  With over 20 years in the construction industry under my belt, you can feel free and confident. I am truly excited to bring this new technology into the construction field!

Exports are in, Orthomosaics, Point Cloud, Digital Terrain Models, 3D Models, and Elevation. Works with Pro Core, Blue Beam, Plan Grid, Auto CAD, and many more.

This is where Nevada Mapping & Inspection shines because our true efforts are in mapping!

Please contact us and request a 2D/3D interactive map to check out examples.

Survey Grade 2D Mapping

  • Digital Twin Creation and Maintenance
  • Corridor 2D mapping
  • Mining (volume calculation)
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Environmental changes (time series)
  • Contour mapping
  • Leveling/Excavation
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage
  • Highway construction

Please click this link to view a project in 2D and 3D. It’s a view-only link so you will not be able to use tools and other features but it does illustrate the standard of the results that can be produced.

photogrammetry, 3D Models, Ground TOPOs

Photogrammetry is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes aerial imagery to create accurate 3D models and maps of the Earth’s surface. In simpler terms, it’s a method of taking pictures from above to create precise measurements and reconstructions of the ground below.

For business owners considering hiring drone surveying services, photogrammetry can be an incredibly valuable tool. By using drones equipped with high-quality cameras, photogrammetry can create detailed, real-time maps of construction sites, agricultural land, mining areas, and many other types of terrain. These maps can be used to improve project planning, reduce costs, and increase safety.

One of the main benefits of photogrammetry is its accuracy. The detailed maps and models created by photogrammetry can have a resolution down to a few centimeters, which can be incredibly helpful for identifying small details or changes in a landscape. Additionally, the use of drones can reduce the time and labor required to gather this data, making it a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Whether you’re a construction company looking to streamline your operations, an agricultural business seeking to optimize your crop yields, or a mining company in need of accurate measurements for excavation, photogrammetry can help you achieve your goals. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, you can gain a competitive edge in your industry, improve safety on your worksites, and make better-informed decisions